Medical Conversation #2 – Chronic Migraines

Chronic Migraines

Doctor: Hello, what seems to be the problem?

Patient: Hello, I have been suffering from chronic migraines. Is there anything you can do to help?

Doctor: I see. What are the symptoms of your headache?

Patient: The headache is severe, and I feel nauseous with a sensitivity to light.

Doctor: From the symptoms, it does appear that you are experiencing migraines. There are several treatment options available. First, I would recommend lifestyle changes such as improving your diet and reducing stress. Additionally, medication can be prescribed. Let’s start with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Patient: Thank you. What kinds of foods and exercises can improve my headache?

Doctor: Moderate exercise, regular meals, and adequate sleep may help reduce headache symptoms. It is also important to avoid certain foods and alcohol.

Patient: I understand. Thank you, I will try that.

Doctor: Also, if your headaches persist, you can consult with a specialist who can provide appropriate treatment according to your symptoms.

Patient: Thank you, if it gets worse, I will definitely come back to you for another consultation.

Doctor: Yes, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I hope you feel better soon.

Vocabulary list:

  • 医師 (ishi): doctor
  • 患者 (kanja): patient
  • 慢性的な (manseiteki na): chronic
  • 片頭痛 (katatzutsuu): migraine
  • 対処方法 (taisho houhou): treatment options
  • 症状 (shoujou): symptoms
  • 吐き気 (hakike): nausea
  • 目の光がまぶしい感じ (me no hikari ga mabushii kanji): sensitivity to light
  • 偏頭痛 (henzutsuu): migraine
  • 食事の改善 (shokuji no kaizen): improving your diet
  • ストレスの軽減 (sutoresu no keigen): reducing stress
  • 薬の処方 (kusuri no shohou): medication prescription
  • 非ステロイド性抗炎症薬 (hi suteroido sei kouenshouyaku): nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • 運動 (undou): exercise
  • 十分な睡眠 (juubun na suimin): adequate sleep
  • アルコール (arukooru): alcohol
  • 専門家 (senmonka): specialist
  • 悪化する (akka suru): to get worse
  • 再度 (saido): again, another time
  • 相談する (soudan suru): to consult

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