Business Conversation #2 – CEO Speech



Good morning, everyone. Our company has achieved success in the marketplace. We continue to grow through innovative ideas and excellent teamwork.

Our products are developed to meet the needs of our customers. We always prioritize quality and reliability, and the feedback from our customers is very positive.

We are also committed to social contributions. We care about the environment and the happiness of our employees. These values are the key to our success.

We are also working on the skills improvement of our employees. We provide the best workplace environment for our employees and support them to grow together with the company.

We promise to continue providing innovative products and services and contributing to more customers in the future.

Thank you very much.

Vocabulary List:

  • 最高経営責任者 (saikou keiei sekininsha): CEO
  • 成功 (seikou): success
  • 市場 (shijou): marketplace
  • 革新的な (kakushinteki na): innovative
  • チームワーク (chiimuwaaku): teamwork
  • 成長 (seichou): growth
  • 製品 (seihin): product
  • お客様 (okyakusama): customer
  • 品質 (hinshitsu): quality
  • 信頼性 (shinraisei): reliability
  • 好評な (kouhyou na): positive
  • 社会貢献 (shakaikouken): social contributions
  • 環境 (kankyou): environment
  • 従業員 (juugyouin): employee
  • 幸福 (koufuku): happiness
  • 価値観 (kachikan): value
  • スキルアップ (sukiruappu): skills improvement
  • 職場環境 (shokubakankyou): workplace environment
  • 支援する (shien suru): support
  • 鍵 (kagi): key
  • 感謝する (kansha suru): appreciate
  • 約束する (yakusoku suru): promise
  • 提供する (teikyou suru): provide

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