tonbo cafe

Welcome to tonbo cafe in Second Life!  The purpose of this virtual environment is to meet people and do cultural exchange activities between English and Japanese speakers.  Knowing Japanese is very beneficial when visiting as most visitors speak very little English and a whole lot of Japanese.  I make it a point to speak in both languages when necessary.   First in English, then quickly into Japanese.  That way everybody participating understands one another.  Beyond helping everyone understand the conversation, this also provides valuable interpretation experience.  For those who can’t do this, I help interpret for them too!

At the front bar, we have a couple of useful tools available.  First is the Virtual Hub, which provides various vocabulary lists and useful study materials.  Then there is the memo pad, which is used to take notes and display pictures for everyone to refer to while we are talking.

In the back, we have a library, a game board, and a TV.  The library has various study materials.  You can study both Japanese and English here.  A larger scale Virtual Hub is located here as well.  The game board can play several different card games like a version of skip-bo and monopoly.  There is also a TV where videos can be watched.

I tried my best to make tonbo cafe look as relaxing and inviting as possible.  Right now we have a cherry blossom spring theme with various times of day that slowly pass by.  There are birds chirping with flowing water sounds in the background.  Dragonflies are dancing in the air, while the sun dazzles on the endless ocean view in front of all the guests.

If you haven’t been to tonbo cafe lately, please come stop by sometime!

Asteroid: H5

This is another map I created for Jedi Academy using GtkRadiant.  The theme is a habitable asteroid in space.

Siren’s Enclave

Inspired by a previous map I made, this one takes place in a cave with a steady flow of water traveling throughout the caverns.  Often times,  those who come here do not duel which is the objective of the game, but instead relax and explore the scenery.  It’s a peaceful and tranquil area, and puts your mind at ease.
先ほど作成したゲームマップを参考に、 このマップは洞窟の中での水の流れなども安定しています。多くの場合、ここに来る人は試合の目的である決闘ではなく、リラックスして風景を探検するでしょう。ここは静かで落ち着いた雰囲気で安寧です。

Eternal Home

This is a map centered around a graveyard and an underground tomb. A great map to play around Halloween!

Bramble Gambol 3


This is a obstacle course map I created for elite players of Jedi Academy.  The theme is an enchanted garden in the twilight hours.  These courses are very difficult but rewarding once accomplished.  If you play Jedi Academy, please give it a try!