In a VR game where you become an employee of “Ichiran”, can you follow the “15 second rule”?

2021年2月14日 23時37分
February 14, 2021 23:37

SOURCE: https://www.asahi.com/articles/photo/AS20210213001866.html?iref=pc_photo_gallery_prev

ラーメンチェーン「一蘭」が初監修したVR(仮想現実)ゲームが誕生した。「カウンターファイト 一蘭」で、VR用のヘッドセットを使って遊ぶ。
A VR (virtual reality) game supervised by the ramen chain “Ichiran” was born. Play with a VR headset in “Counter Fight Ichiran”.

Players experience what it’s like to be an employee. The noodles must be served within a set period of time to be considered delicious, and the “15-second rule” along with the elegance of how the food is arranged all determines how many points you earn.

According to a spokesman, the kitchen, while not normally open to the public, is reproduced fairly accurately. The game has attracted the attention of foreign fans, as well as inquiries from overseas media. 1480 yen. ($14.05)

SOURCE: https://www.asahi.com/articles/ASP2F73Q5P2FTIPE005.html
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“Slightly cold with a low-grade fever, recovered the next day” Pfizer vaccinated Japanese woman in the United States
Source: https://www.sankei.com/life/photos/210213/lif2102130036-p1.html

In the United States, priority coronavirus vaccinations began December of last year for medical personnel and the elderly. A 57-year-old Japanese woman from Kyoto, who lives in Michigan in the Midwest, talked about her experience as a medical professional who had already completed two priority vaccinations.

A woman working at the reception desk of a dental clinic applied from the health center website and was vaccinated with a Pfizer vaccine on January 14th and February 4th. The inoculation to the upper arm was administered 5 minutes after arriving at the garage of a local fire department drive-through.

“At the moment of injection, there was a brief moment of pain. But I was more concerned about there being side effects. ”

In Japan, vaccinations are generally done by subcutaneous injection with a shallow needle. However, this vaccine is administered by an intramuscular injection that pierces the muscle beneath the subcutaneous tissue. This method is used in many vaccines overseas, and women who’ve taken it have not felt uncomfortable.

After inoculation, you drive to a waiting area and wait for 15 minutes. A staff member was patrolling the area in preparation for anyone who may experience an anaphylactic shock caused by a sudden allergic reaction.

As for side reactions, some experience what feels like muscle pain in the arm. The night after the second vaccination, she experienced a slight case of chills and a slight fever, but she recovered the next day.

Of the seven American colleagues who were vaccinated at the same time, half took antipyretics due to fever. At work, I heard conversations such as “I was worried about side reactions, but I don’t want to get infected with corona” and “If I were to get the vaccination, it would be ok to then not wear a mask right?” She feels like everyone has a different understanding of the vaccine.

Most of her colleagues who are 50 or older have already been vaccinated or have a reservation for one. “Some young people and pregnant women are thinking about not getting the vaccination. Only bout one in four people in the workplace, which is less than I expected. ” she says.

Due to the influence of the Coronavirus, she has been unable to return home for more than a year and unable to visit her elderly mother. “I hope that vaccinations will progress so that the infection rate will come under control in both the United States and Japan.” she says.

In the United States, about 10% of the population, about 35.8 million people, have completed at least the first shot of the vaccination, but vaccinations to the general public have not yet begun. Amid concerns over supply delays, the US government forecasts almost all citizens can get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine by the end of July. (Yuki Ishikawa)

SOURCE: https://www.sankei.com/life/news/210213/lif2102130036-n1.html
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JP company making political masks

This Japanese company makes masks that resemble famous people. The most popular mask right now is Joe Biden, the projected winner for president of the United States. Not only did Biden win the election, but now he has the most requested mask as well!
この日本の会社は有名人に似たマスクを作っています。 現在、最も人気のあるマスクは、米国の当選確実な大統領のジョー·バイデン氏です。 バイデン氏は選挙で勝っただけでなく、最も多くのマスクを要求されています。

仮想ハブ・Virtual HUB – is now online!

It’s been a busy couple months due to recent events, however during that time I’ve been casually working on the tonbo virtual hub.  You can view it right now by clicking the HUB link in the menu above.  Please have a look.

私は最近の出来事で数ヶ月間忙しかったが、間をみてトンボの仮想ハブを作っています。上のメニューのHUBリンクをクリックすると、すぐに見ることができます。 ご覧ください。