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  • 5 Basic Flavors

    Have you seen this 5 Kanji character set before?  I doubt it!  Unless maybe you were a professional cook or scholar.  The Japanese language is very interesting, just like the English language because there are all sorts of words even native speakers do not know.  I talked to a couple Japanese friends of mine and neither could read this set of Kanji.  However, I find little combinations like these very interesting.  This brings us to today’s lesson.  Let’s study some example sentences involving flavors! 砂糖さとうは全すべて甘あまい。 All sugar is sweet. レモンは酸すっぱい。 Lemon is sour. 私わたしは辛からいカレーが好すきです。 I like hot curry. このビールは苦にがい。 This beer tastes bitter. 塩辛い = 鹹い なべの中なかのスープは、とても塩辛しおからかった。 The soup in the pot tasted very salty.   Create a sentence of your own!   Keep practicing!