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  • Golden Week


    ゴールデンウイーク (GW) Golden Week (summary) April 29th to May 5th This is sort of a spring vacation for the Japanese.  During this time weather is generally very mild and comfortable with flowers blooming and birds singing.  Many workers get a week off and some head back to visit their families and take a rest from working.  It’s called golden week because during this long stretch of free time, movie companies would use this slogan to promote a “golden” opportunity to go see a movie.  It eventually just came to be known as the string of holidays all together. 昭和の日 Shōwa Day – April 29th This holiday is celebrated on April 29th.  This was the birthday of Emperor Hirohito (1926 to 1989).  The purpose of this day is to reflect on Japan’s past and to look forward to the future.  It’s also the start of golden week. 憲法記念日けんぽうきねんび Constitution Memorial Day – May 3rd A time to reflect on the constitution that came into effect on this day in 1947 and the meaning of democracy.  Often times, newspapers and other news outlets will focus their attention on this matter. みどりの日 Greenery Day – May 4th On this day, one is to focus on the beauty of nature.  This holiday stems from Emperor Hirohito’s love for nature.  His birthday and this day used to be the same, until they were separated in 2007. こどもの日 Children’s Day – May 5th Originally known as 端午の節句 (Boy’s Day) and as the name suggests it was male exclusive.  However, how-a-days it celebrates the happiness of all children.