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  • 5 Basic Flavors

    Have you seen this 5 Kanji character set before?  I doubt it!  Unless maybe you were a professional cook or scholar.  The Japanese language is very interesting, just like the English language because there are all sorts of words even native speakers do not know.  I talked to a couple Japanese friends of mine and neither could read this set of Kanji.  However, I find little combinations like these very interesting.  This brings us to today’s lesson.  Let’s study some example sentences involving flavors! 砂糖さとうは全すべて甘あまい。 All sugar is sweet. レモンは酸すっぱい。 Lemon is sour. 私わたしは辛からいカレーが好すきです。 I like hot curry. このビールは苦にがい。 This beer tastes bitter. 塩辛い = 鹹い なべの中なかのスープは、とても塩辛しおからかった。 The soup in the pot tasted very salty.   Create a sentence of your own!   Keep practicing!

  • Learning Hiragana

    Hiragana mnemoic chart.

    Although this is not Kanji, I include Kana related topics under the Kanji section. Alright so this is how I learned Hiragana!  This chart brings back memories… Mnemonics can be a powerful way to learn both Kana and Kanji.  However, although mnemonics can be solely used for learning Hiragana and Katakana if you so wish, I don’t think it should be solely used for learning Kanji, because radicals are by far the best assistant in figuring out the origin and hence a way to remember each Kanji. Now lets learn how to write them! Remember that WI and WE are no longer used.  It’s important to practice reading and writing every day! I also found another chart that shows the origin of these Hiragana symbols.  Since Kanji came from China, and Hiragana from Kanji, which Kanji did each Hiragana come from?  Well now we know! Very interesting huh?  Knowing this, you can now study Kanji from a new perspective!

  • Example Sentence #3

    He is kind to everyone.

    I always find it interesting how も changes the meaning of a sentence.  I would like to examine this particle in a future article.   For now, let’s just look at the Kanji.  I always felt the best way to learn Kanji readings is to see example sentence with Furigana.

  • Kanji Study example sentences #1 and #2

    Kanji are difficult to read.

    Here we have a few sample sentence from my Facebook page Kanji Study.  Click either image to be taken to that page.  Click READ MORE if you cannot view the images.