Word of the day #8


In other words, “my life has become wonderful.”  Those feelings are transmitted in both English and Japanese.
つまり、私の人生は素晴らしいものになったのです。  それらの感情は英語と日本語の両方で伝えられます。

kotobank : バラ色

飴細工 – あめざいく

Candy fashioned in human and animal forms.

Have you seen amezaiku?  It looks like glass artwork, but is actually candy.
飴細工を見たことがありますか。ガラス工芸品のように見えますが 実は飴です。

All kinds of creatures can be created, but I really like these round panels that look like glass pictures. These can display not just creatures, but various forms of scenery like water, wind, mountains, etc.  It’s much like a picture that can be hung on the wall, yet it’s candy! As you can see in the example, there’s even one with a dragonfly on it!


Anime: Bonobono

Have you watched the anime series Bonobono?  It’s one of my favorite shows.  Here is a description from their website:

2016年・春、連載30年というANNIVERSARY YEARに、新たなアニメがスタートしました。
ぼのぼのは土曜日 朝の顔として活躍中です!

ENG > A cartoon production series that first began in 1986, over 30 years ago.  From movies, to anime, to games, and various books, it still remains popular and loved among men and women of all ages.
In the spring of 2016, at the 30th anniversary after it’s original production, a new season for the anime started.
Bonobono is active and can be seen on Saturdays!

Every episode is only about 10 minutes long, and very funny.

In episode 51 “Chipmunk Hates Bugs”, chipmunk hears that his father is gravely ill, so he runs home in a panic.  However, as he recalls it, his father’s illness is not what made him upset;  Instead it was when he arrived and was looking inside his father’s house, and a dragonfly landed on his head. 😄

View the episode here:
Crunchyroll – Bonobono Episode 51 – Chipmunk hates bugs!

To learn more about Bonobono view the website below:

Siren’s Enclave

Inspired by a previous map I made, this one takes place in a cave with a steady flow of water traveling throughout the caverns.  Often times,  those who come here do not duel which is the objective of the game, but instead relax and explore the scenery.  It’s a peaceful and tranquil area, and puts your mind at ease.
先ほど作成したゲームマップを参考に、 このマップは洞窟の中での水の流れなども安定しています。多くの場合、ここに来る人は試合の目的である決闘ではなく、リラックスして風景を探検するでしょう。ここは静かで落ち着いた雰囲気で安寧です。

GD gaming website design

This is a gaming website I made for a clan in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  All components of this website I designed in Photoshop except for the banner screenshots which were freely provided by the website development kit at www.swtor.com and then modified.
これは、Star Wars: The Old Republicのゲームクランのために作ったWEBサイトです。全てのコンポーネントはPhotoshopでデザインしましたが、バナースクリーンショットは www.swtor.comでフリーで提供されているものを、編集して使用しました。

Icon Graphics

Various assets developed in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

This icon set is one of many I’ve worked on for websites and message boards.

Battle Simulator

Programming project

This program uses JQuery and Javscript to generate a form for the user to fill out.  Upon execution, a random set of numbers are generated to simulate a battle based on the form information.   This program could easily be expanded and modified into a much more complex simulator.  I made this program because I was curious about JQuery and it’s capability compared to just plain Javascript.
このプログラムは、JQueryとJavascript で作りました。 ユーザが記入するフォームを生成して、実行時に、ランダムな数の組が生成され、フォーム情報に基づいて戦闘をシミュレートします。このプログラムは簡単に拡張でき、より複雑なシミュレータに修正できます。JQueryに興味があり、単なるJavascriptと比べると性能が高いので、このプログラムを作りました。