New tonbo symbols!

Lately, I’ve been working on some images to represent tonbo on social media etc. This new image combines many recent logos, and mascots into one combined image.

I put together a very simple video below, showing some of the images in their separate files and the many layers involved in each piece of artwork.

Most of the content in this artwork was created via Adobe Illustrator, but the final product and touch-ups were done with Adobe Photoshop.

もし宇宙世紀に“文春砲”があったら? 文藝春秋、「証言 機動戦士ガンダム」発売

What if there were Bunshun guns in the Universal Century? Bungei Shunjū launches “Mobile Suit Gundam a testimony”

 文藝春秋は「機動戦士ガンダム」シリーズの世界を独自の目線で伝えるムック「証言 機動戦士ガンダム 文藝春秋が見た宇宙世紀100年」を3月8日に発売する。1980円(税込)。
 In the Bungei Shunjū series “Mobile Suit Gundam” world, a unique vision is conveyed through the mook “Mobile Suit Gundam a testimony, through the eyes of Bungei Shunjū in the 100th Universal Century” will be on sale beginning March 8th. 1980 yen (tax included)

Assuming the Gundam world of Bungei Shunjū were to be realized, an article spanning from when the One Year War which took place in 0079 of the Universal Century, until the Laplace disaster in 0105, was arranged.

The exclusive on how the federation proceeded with “V tactics” in absolute secrecy, new information on the cover-up of commander Gihren Zabi’s “death in battle”, the One Year War’s distinguished warship “Trojan Horse” and the anonymous accusations about a child soldier crew compliment…… Various exclusives reveal the truths of what occurred in the Universal Century.

“a portrait of His Highness Mineva Lao Zabi” leads the front page illustration. There will also be news about the upcoming film “Hathaway’s Flash” which will be released in May. Supervised by Sunrise.

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So appetizing, it would be a shame to eat! “Make you smile” bento (lunch box) design devised by elementary school students sells out during the morning
販売が始まった「食べるのもったいない!えみらる風弁当」 “So appetizing, it would be a shame to eat! Emiraru-style bento” is now on sale

Sixth graders at Tsujigaoka Elementary School in Nabari City, Mie Prefecture, started selling bento boxes (lunch boxes) themed “Despite Corona, the neighborhood smiles with spirit.” at the nearby Super Yaohiko Nabari store on the 1st. For a limited time of about one week, 10 to 15 meals a day are lined up at the store entrance.

The lunch box “So appetizing, it would be a shame to eat! Emiraru-style bento” was commercialized by a supermarket based on the ideas of sixth graders. The package is decorated with the local mascot “Emiraru” and is packed with broiled soybean paste, deep-fried tofu, and fried shrimp. The label was designed by children with a message of support also included. 429 yen (tax included).

This bento idea was implemented by the elementary school cooking class to give kids the opportunity to think independently about food and home economics for the Corona crisis. 110 sixth graders complemented the lunch box with illustrations etc. Three candidates were selected at a school assembly, and out of them, one plan was chosen and produced by the supermarket.

15 meals were sold on the first day. They sold out during the morning. “Nabari’s bento is full of food and color. It has a good balance of color and nutrition.” says the person in charge of the supermarket side dish department. All 110 bento ideas are also on display in the store.

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Kodansha sales and e-book business rights outperform paper
講談社=東京都文京区 Kodansha = Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo

On the 19th, the major publishing company Kodansha announced in their full-year financial results, that for the first time the financial earnings of their electronic books and business rights outperformed their paper publications.

From December of 2019 until November of 2020, of the 144.9 billion yen in Kodansha sales, paper magazines and book sales netted only 63.5 billion yen which is about a 1.2% decrease, while e-books sales reached 53.2 billion yen which is a 19.4 percent increase. Hit manga such as “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” and “Attack on Titan” continued to remain popular and then there is the stay-at-home order due to the Coronavirus crisis which both seems to have contributed to the change. About 17 billion yen in revenue was earned from business rights in manga adaptations such as anime, games, etc., and in particular, overseas-focused content which increased by about 30% from the previous year.

 Kodansha’s overall sales have increased by 6.7% from last year, and it’s net income for the year increased 3.6 billion yen which overall is about 10.8 billion yen.

 According to the Institute of Publishing Science, in the last 20 years, the electronic publishing world as a whole has a market size of 393.1 billion yen, which is an increase of 28% from the previous year. In the last 16 years, it has nearly doubled, which accounts for nearly a quarter of the entire market for paper. Among these, 87% are electronic comics, and in major manga publishing companies such as Kodansha, electronic publishing has become significantly higher in percentage. Meanwhile, the paper market has been declining for the past 16 consecutive years. (Fumina Takizawa)

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Pazudora and MARVEL’s first team up

ガンホー・オンライン・エンターテイメントは,スマートフォンアプリ「パズル&ドラゴンズ」(iOS / Android)で,マーベルとの初コラボレーションを本日(2021年2月22日)から3月8日9:59まで開催する。
GungHo Online Entertainment and Marvel collaborate to launch their first smartphone app “Puzzle & Dragons” (iOS/Android) today (February 22, 2021) until March 8 to 9:59.

本コラボには,映画やコミックで人気の「アイアンマン」「ウルヴァリン」らに加えて,イベント告知時には伏せられていた「スパイダーマン」ら,人気ヒーローたちが参戦。 彼らはコラボガチャで入手できる可能性があるという。 なお,ウルヴァリンを初めて獲得した際は,オリジナルデザインのきせかえドロップが開放されるとのこと。
In this joint venture, not only will Iron Man and Wolverine who are popular in the movies and comics, but the popular Spider-Man who was previously unannounced will also join the battle. They say these heroes will also be available in collaboration with Gacha as well. Also, the first time you acquire Wolverine, an original design will be released as a drop.

さらに,「ロキ」「ヴェノム」「マグニートー」「サノス」が待ち受けるダンジョンも用意される。 こちらでドロップする“アイソトープ8”を集めると,「親愛なる隣人・スパイダーマン」「ニック・フューリー」などをアプリ内のモンスター交換所で入手できるという。
Additionally, Loki, Venom, Magneto, and Thanos dungeons await your acceptance.  As you collect the “Isotope 8” which drops there, you can unlock “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man”, Nick Fury, and more at the in-app monster exchange.

<Below is the original announcement from the manufacturer>

【Puzzle & Dragons】First event with MARVEL is finally being held! Spider-Man will also join the battle!

“★ 7 confirmed MARVEL Gacha” collectables Twitter campaign is underway!

Puzzle RPG “Puzzles & Dragons (also known as Puzudora)” will team up with MARVEL for the first time and hold an event on February 22, 2021.

In this event, popular heroes of MARVEL such as Iron Man and Spider-Man will appear in Gacha and Event Dungeons.

Please check their website for further details.

【more information】

▼ Twitter campaign details

MARVEL is finally going to hold their first event.

Those who login on the day of the event will get Iron Man’s “Extreme Armor”, and then you can play Pazudora together with the world’s most famous hero Iron Man, so don’t forget!

【イベント実施期間】2021年2月22日(月)10:00 ~ 2021年3月8日(月)9:59
【Event Period】February 22 (Mon) 2021 10:00 – March 8 (Mon), 2021 9:59

▼Marvel Entertainmentについて
▼About Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainmentはウォルト・ディズニー・カンパニーの100%子会社で、世界有数のキャラクターをベースにしたエンターテイメント企業です。
Marvel Entertainment is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Walt Disney, one of the world’s leading character-based entertainment corporations.

With over 8,000 characters, including Spider-Man and Iron Man, we have been providing content through a variety of media for over 80 years.

MARVEL has been a huge success in film and television entertainment, licensing, publishing, and other digital media.

For more information, please visit
(C) 2021 MARVEL

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長野県立美術館 開館前に内覧会

Private viewing of Nagano Prefectural Museum of Art before it’s grand opening

Before the Art Museum in Nagano City underwent reconstruction work and was renamed to the “Nagano Prefectural Museum of Art”, the inside of the museum was opened to the public and the press.

The Shinano Art Museum near Zenkoji Temple in Nagano City was closed in October 2017 due to various reasons including deterioration, and reconstruction work was set to begin.

The construction was completed and a private viewing was held on the 21st, before the grand opening on April 10th of this year.  The new building has 3 floors above ground and 1 floor below ground, and the total floor area is about 11,000 square meters, which is over three times larger than its prior size before the rebuilding.

It is designed to take advantage of the terrain with different heights so that it blends in with the surrounding landscape, and glass is often used for the outer walls.

Inside, there is a new restaurant where you can sit anywhere and eat while observing Zenkoji and a newly constructed library with a collection of art-related books. Also, with the exception of one exhibition, admission is free.

“I would like to see people come through the entrance carefree, and spending as much time as they want to. My intention and desire is to make this museum part of and to be used in our everyday lives.” says Director Toru Matsumoto.
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G7首脳会議後の菅首相発言詳報 東京五輪開催「全員の支持を得た」

This is a detailed report on Prime Minister Suga’s remarks after the G7 summit. “We have the support of everyone” -Hosting of the Tokyo Olympics

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga responded to the reporter’s questions at the Prime Minister’s Office after the videoconference for the leaders of the seven developed countries (G7) who gathered for the first time on the early morning of the 20th. Here is a detailed report:

Q. G7首脳会議ではどのようなことを話したか。東京五輪・パラリンピックへの言及はあったか。
 What did you talk about at the G7 Summit? Did you mention the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics?

 I was able to inform them of our infection rate, and the effective measures we’ve taken. In addition, the vaccine will put an end to this infectious disease, and how it will be distributed fairly. We discussed the importance and agreed upon a direction forward.

 Of course there are the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, but this summer, as a sign of humanities victory over Corona, I would like to see a safe and secure tournament come to fruition. I made a statement saying so and was able to gain the support of all the G7 leaders. It was very encouraging. That’s how I felt about it. 

 Although it was the first meeting with the G7 leaders, as leaders who share a universal set of values, we will work together even more from now on including getting past corona. In that sense, I felt it to be a very powerful meeting.

Q. G7首脳が東京五輪の開催を支持したことの意義についてどのように考えるか。
 What do you think about the significance of the G7 leaders supporting the holding of the Tokyo Olympics?

 In circumstances such as these, I’m very grateful for gaining the support to continue the athletic games with a focus on safety and security.

Q. 首脳声明では、開催を「支持する」ではなく、開催をする「日本の決意を支持する」という表現だが、東京五輪の開催に何か疑念の声があったということなのか。
 In a joint statement by summit leaders, they did not state “we support holding the event” but rather “we support Japan’s decision to hold the event.”, so could there be some doubt expressed in Japan’s decision to hold the event?

That wasn’t it at all

Q. G7首脳もこれまでとメンバーが変わったが。
 There are many new members now in the G7 though,

I had a telephone conversation with each of the leaders, and being on screen together and seeing everyone for a long while, I began to feel as if we were truly connecting.

Q. 開催の支持ではなく開催の決意の支持となった理由は何かあるのか。
 Was there a reason for supporting the decision to hold the event rather than supporting it?

No, there’s nothing to that at all.


環境大臣賞に仁愛女子高・酒井さん トンボ絵画コン

Ms. Sakai of Jinai Girls’ High School, wins the Minister of the Environment Award dragonfly painting contest.
酒井佑理子さんの大賞・環境大臣賞受賞作「学校の帰り道、堤防で」 Yuriko Sakai’s winning work and winner of the Minister of the Environment Award Grand Prize: “On the embankment, on the way home from school.”

【福井】トンボや、トンボのいる風景を題材に自然の大切さを表現する第35回「WE LOVE トンボ」絵画コンクール(朝日新聞社・朝日学生新聞社主催、文部科学省・環境省など後援、トンボ協賛)の高校生の部で、仁愛女子2年の酒井佑理子さん(17)=福井市=の水彩画「学校の帰り道、堤防で」が最高賞の大賞・環境大臣賞を受賞した。
[Fukui] At the 35th WE LOVE DRAGONFLIES contest held in the high school, the theme is Dragonflies, and scenery with dragonflies in it, with significant emphasis on expressing nature. (sponsored by Asahi Shimbun, Asahi Student Newspaper, and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of the Environment, and dragonfly appreciated), Yuriko Sakai (17) = Fukui City = watercolor painting “On the way home from school, at the embankment” won the Minister of the Environment Award grand prize.

The competition has been held for children and students since 1986 to support the creation of the “Dragonfly Kingdom” in Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture, and to spread the movement to protect dragonflies and nature nationwide. The highest awards were the Minister of the Environment Award and the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award, and this time there were 107,376 entries from 4,471 schools.

The award-winning work shows countless dragonflies looking down on a girl in an evening embankment who has her index finger pointed up at them. “People always look up, but looking at it the other way around, I had fun painting and imagining.” says Sakai. The clarity of the pale white translucent dragonfly wings showing motion and the vegetation on the embankment gives it the feeling of an actual photograph so the painter actually appears to have studied the environment’s varied hues and shades. “But I wanted to express more illumination by the setting sun.” she said dissatisfied.

In junior high school, the brass band club. I used to draw pictures of my favorite anime and animals, but I didn’t start drawing in earnest until after I joined the high school art club. Now, I’m aiming to go on to art school, and I’m focusing on drawing through club activities three times a week.

When Ms. Sakai returns home from school, she often raises her finger to see if a dragonfly will stop. “They don’t always stop, but I like the time I spend thinking about it.” The award-winning work expresses my deep desire that dragonflies will always be flying in the embankment, “I will continue to draw naturally, keeping in mind the perspectives of animals, plants, and insects.” she says. (Kazuhiro Nakata)

SOURCE:(ORIGINAL BY 中田和宏 at 2020年12月22日 10時30分)
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There was not a major tsunami, but if the epicenter was a little shallower … “This time it was very close.” -Chairman of the investigation committee

In response to the earthquake on the night of the 13th, which recorded a maximum seismic intensity of a little over 6 off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture, the government’s Earthquake Research Committee held an extraordinary session on the 14th, and announced that the seaside that sank under the rock plate occurred within the “Pacific Plate”. The epicenter was relatively deep, at about 55 km, but the seafloor did not deform significantly, so there was no major tsunami that could have caused damage.

The epicenter was about 110 kilometers southwest of the epicenter of the Great East Japan Earthquake, which is in the aftershock area of that earthquake. According to the committee, a 20cm tsunami was detected at Ishinomaki Port in Miyagi Prefecture and a 10cm tsunami at the Sendai Port of Soma City in Fukushima Prefecture among other places. After the earthquake, there have been 54 aftershocks so far, with 3 of them having a seismic intensity of 3 or higher (as of 10:00 am on the 15th).

The Japan Meteorological Agency warns that further earthquakes with a maximum seismic intensity of 6 or higher may occur in its wake for the next week. “If the epicenter was a little shallower and larger, a high tsunami could have occurred. This time it was very close. Even a 30cm flood by a tsunami can sweep adults off their feet. I want those who live along the coast to be aware of a potential tsunami next time.” emphasized Naoshi Hirata, chairman of the committee (Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo)

In this most recent earthquake, violent shaking was felt over a wide area. According to Professor Ryota Hino (Seismology) of Tohoku University, this type of earthquake is less likely to be accompanied by a tsunami due to its deep epicenter, but it is more likely to tremor over a wider area than a shallow earthquake. It’s characterized by rattling with brief and repetitive shaking that is easy for people to feel. “The epicenter of this earthquake was close to the land, so the seismic intensity increased.” says Professor Hino

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