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  • Like the song of a bird, “Japan’s most beautiful” Amami’s frog’s voice.

    “Japan’s most beautiful frog” a rare species known as Ishikawa's frog (Odorrana ishikawae) are found in Kagoshima and Amamishima islands at night near the mountain streams where they are heard making beautiful chirping sounds.
    Of the whole world, this species of frog can only be found inhabiting these two islands. It was once thought Okinawa was also inhabited by this species of frog, but through a profile and DNA analysis, in 2011 it was recognized as a different species. With vibrant green with seemingly specs of gold sprinkled on their body making them so beautiful that in Latin “beautiful sparkling gold frog” is their technical given name.
    From about January to May at night during the breeding season, male frogs inflate a vocal sac on their throats called a “meinou” that allows them to chirp in a high tone much like a bird. This sound is inviting to females and shows their dominance of a particular domain.
    Due to their significant increase in popularity, Kagoshima authorities and the police headquarters have arrested a pet shop owner in Tokyo on suspicion of violating conservation laws by capturing one of these frogs. Local nature conservation authorities are insisting “This is a treasure of the island. We must quietly watch and protect”.

  • Paper money changing for the first time in 20 years. On the 10,000 yen Eiichi Shibusawa.

    Eiichi Shibusawa - Kitasato Shibasaburo - Tsuda Umeko

    On the 8th, the government for the first time in 20 years has come to an agreement on a policy to reform 10,000 and other yen currency, sources say.  For the portraits of the new bills, the following people are currently being considered: On the 10,000 yen, a businessman named Eiichi Shibusawa known to be “the father of capitalism”.  On the 5,000 yen, Tsuda Umeko, founder of Tsuda Juku University.  Lastly, on the 1,000 yen, the founder of modern day Japanese medical science Kitasato Shibasaburou.  As soon as on the 9th, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Aso Taro may make an announcement.

    紙幣 20年ぶりに刷新へ 一万円札に渋沢栄一ら

  • Will Sugao finally reunite with Ashibe!? Young Ashibe GO! GO! Goma

    April 31st, 2018 (Thursday) Update Every Tuesday at 6:45PM, “Young Ashibe GO! GO! Goma” is broadcasting its third series on E-Tele. Ashibe’s friend Sugao who lives in the Republic of Asunikuru, upon returning to Japan immediately wants to reunite with Ashibe, but is not sure if he will be able to. [Picture 1] In the last part of series 1, while Ashibe’s was visiting the Republic of Asunikuru, he was unable to see his friend again. [Picture 2] [Picture 3] From the last part of series 1 [Let’s go visit Sugao!] In the last part of the second series, during Ashibe’s trip to Sapporo, although Sugao also attended the snow festival, due to Goma becoming sick, they could not be reunited. Viewers are starting to express their view: “Will the two of them ever meet again?”, “I want Ashibe and Sugao to meet!”, and “Sugao once again could not be reunited with Ashibe, how sad!” many viewers have expressed. [Picture 4] [Picture 5] From the last part of series 2 “I’m sorry Goma” On the upcoming June 5th episode “A present from Chitto”, Sugao’s family has decided to return to Japan. Sugao is excited about reunited with Ashibe, however his breakup with his girlfriend Chitto complicates his feelings… [Picture 6] [Picture 7] [Picture 8] In June 12th’s episode “Welcome back Sugao!”, knowing that Sugao is returning home, Ashibe calls his friends over to hold a grand welcome home party, but the recipient Sugao doesn’t seem to be coming. [Picture 9] [Picture 10] Will Sugao and Ashibe’s wish to reunite actually happen? Don’t miss this exciting episode! “Young Ashibe GO! GO! Goma” Broadcasting every Tuesday at 6:45PM on E-Tele. June 5th (Tuesday) “A present from Chitto” June 12th (Tuesday) “Welcome back Sugao!” SOURCE: スガオくん、ついにアシベと再会!? 「少年アシベ GO!GO!ゴマちゃん」 2018年5月31日(木)更新 Eテレ毎週火曜午後6時45分から放送中の「少年アシベ GO!GO!ゴマちゃん」第3シリーズ。 アシベくんの親友で、アスニクル共和国で暮らすスガオくんが、日本へ帰国し、ついに念願のアシベくんとの再会を果たすかもしれないことが分かりました。 [PICTURE 1] 第1シリーズの最終回では、アシベくんがアスニクル共和国を訪ねたものの、すれ違いで再会を果たせませんでした。 [PICTURE 2, 3] 第1シリーズ最終回「スガオくんに会いにいこう!」より 第2シリーズの最終回では、札幌旅行中のアシベくんを追って、スガオくんも雪祭り開催中の札幌を訪ねたものの、ゴマちゃんの急病のため、またまた再会を果たすことができず、視聴者のみなさんから「2人は会えない運命なの?」「スガオくんとアシベくんを会わせてほしい!」「スガオくんまたアシベに会えなくてかわいそう」という声があがりました。 [PICTURE 4, 5] 第2シリーズ最終回「ごめんねゴマちゃん」より そして今回、6月5日放送の「チットちゃんからの贈り物」では、スガオくんの家族の日本への帰国が決定。スガオくんはアシベくんとの再会を喜びますが、それはガールフレンドのチットちゃんとお別れを意味していました…。 [PICTURE 6, 7, 8] 6月12日放送の「おかえりスガオくん!」では、スガオくんの帰国を知ったアシベくんが、友だちも呼んで盛大な歓迎会を開こうとしますが、肝心のスガオくんはなかなかやってきません。 [PICTURE 9, 10] スガオくんは、悲願であるアシベくんとの再会を果たすことができるのか!? ぜひ放送をお楽しみに! <放送予定> 「少年アシベ GO!GO!ゴマちゃん」 Eテレ 毎週火曜 午後6時45分から放送中。 6月5日(火)「チットちゃんの贈り物」 6月12日(火)「おかえりスガオくん!」