Like the song of a bird, “Japan’s most beautiful” Amami’s frog’s voice. - tonbo translations

Like the song of a bird, “Japan’s most beautiful” Amami’s frog’s voice.

“Japan’s most beautiful frog” a rare species known as Ishikawa’s frog (Odorrana ishikawae) are found in Kagoshima and Amamishima islands at night near the mountain streams where they are heard making beautiful chirping sounds.
Of the whole world, this species of frog can only be found inhabiting these two islands. It was once thought Okinawa was also inhabited by this species of frog, but through a profile and DNA analysis, in 2011 it was recognized as a different species. With vibrant green with seemingly specs of gold sprinkled on their body making them so beautiful that in Latin “beautiful sparkling gold frog” is their technical given name.
From about January to May at night during the breeding season, male frogs inflate a vocal sac on their throats called a “meinou” that allows them to chirp in a high tone much like a bird. This sound is inviting to females and shows their dominance of a particular domain.
Due to their significant increase in popularity, Kagoshima authorities and the police headquarters have arrested a pet shop owner in Tokyo on suspicion of violating conservation laws by capturing one of these frogs. Local nature conservation authorities are insisting “This is a treasure of the island. We must quietly watch and protect”.

まるで鳥の鳴き声 「日本一美しい」奄美のカエルの美声


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