October 2nd Vocabulary - tonbo translations

October 2nd Vocabulary

  1. 甲斐かい (n) effect; result; worth; use; avail
  2. つくづく (adj-na,adv,uk,on-mim) completely; really; thoroughly; deeply;
  3. ず  (adv-to,uk) timidly; nervously; with nervous diffidence; trembling with fear
  4. おろおろ (adv,n,vs,on-mim) nervous; flustered;
  5. 漬物つけもの (n) tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables); (P)
  6. しょっぱい  (adj-i,sl) salty; stingy; hoarse;
  7. ら  (adv,n,vs,uk) slow swaying; rolling from side to side;
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